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If you can read this it means your internet service is working

(but web access on this server has been restricted)

Web surfing in a business environment can have hazardous consequences.  Many websites, even some considered harmless, load malware on your computer without your knowledge.  Most of this software tracks your internet surfing habits, but some types capture personal data potentially including credit card information.  Modern web enhancements such as Java and ActiveX make it possible to run programs on your computer that can be malicious and can cause failure of the point of sale software and system outages.

If you are seeing this page your internet access in general is most likely working.  Random surfing is blocked on this computer - however, the sites listed below have been allowed and will help in determining for certain that your internet connection is working.  If you have questions or concerns regarding internet access on your Micros fileserver, or if you would like to request that a site be approved and added, please contact us

If you are getting blocked while trying to access an allowed site, such as Food Network, you can update your allowed list from our web site.  To download and apply the latest allowed sites list, click here and choose Run or Open.  Be aware that this will delete any custom sites that have been opened for your user specifically (it will not affect other users at your site, only the currently logged-on user.  Managers, you will not delete your owner's links and you can do this safely if you don't have special addresses we have opened for you).  This change takes effect immediately and will not require you to log off or restart the computer.


Written by Super User. Posted in Support

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