Mobile Handheld for Oracle RES 3000

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Mobile Micros Solution - Handheld POS

Mobile Micros puts the power of 3700 POS in your hand.

Access to most POS functions from the handheld makes the Mobile Micros powerful and useful. Rugged Symbol hardware stands up well to the rigors of the restaurant environment. Designed for industrial data entry applications, the Symbol has proved itself to be the best hardware platform available.

The Symbol MC50 Handheld with Magnetic Card Reader

Four station charge base


screen Manager's screen


Table Layout examples - access guest checks using graphical interface. Note the green/brown highlights that show the status of the table. The green indicates how recently the check has been accessed, the brown shows the course of food that has been ordered, or if using Kitchen Display System, shows the course that has actually been completed by the kitchen.


Dashboard also works on handheld - Monitor Sales, Labor, 86 Items, and More.


Kitchen 86 List Employee Sales Summary


Printer Redirection Viewing an open guest check


The main menu screen with categories Menu items, notice the available count of 23 on Ribs


Let's ring up a meatloaf... Go for the healthy choice - Veggies


The Mod key brings up modifiers


Type message for special instructions Use (+) to Add Mozz to that Meatloaf


Hold the gravy The end result - meatloaf with modifiers


Can we split the check? Sure. Picking up the check to pay it...


Credit cards run through the handheld too, and when you print, you can choose what printer you want it to go to. Note the Printer Selection windows that pops up when printing the credit card to let the user choose where to print. Typically printers get named helpful things like 'Bar Check', 'Porch Check' and so on so that the user can choose easily. The last selection is saved anticipating that they may be in the same area, but they can choose a different printer every time.