About Us

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Tucker Systems is a full-service exclusively Oracle Hospitality partner serving Savannah, Charleston, Hilton Head, Augusta and the Low Country.  We are committed to providing the highest quality service and technology solutions to the hospitality industry to help you operate your restaurant efficiently and maximize profitability.  A local Savannah business since 1955, you can depend on us to provide you the same service that your own customers demand.  We are focused 100% on Point of Sale and have over a hundred years collective programming and support experience. 

We might not sell the least expensive system, but we are by far the best value - our track record of quality and long-term reliability is second to none.  Oracle Hospitality is the industry leader and the only company that has manufactured quality hardware to run their software from day one.  The Workstation 4 has been their biggest success and has dropped the cost of ownership, support, and upped the ante on reliability with NO moving parts!  A Micros system will last many years and pay for itself many times over in food and labor cost, productivity and customer satisfaction. 

Service is important to getting the most out of your point of sale system. Tucker Systems provides on-site installation, repair, and maintenance of Oracle Hospitality systems. We answer our phones ourselves during business hours and have a technician on call around the clock.  We also use cutting edge remote support software so that we can give you immediate help from our office, program new menus or features for you, or assist you in programming if you have questions.  The systems we sell are very user friendly and we find that different customers rely on us to different degrees, some program their menu and call if they get stuck on a particular detail, and some email or fax the menu and we take care of it ourselves. 

Customer satisfaction and our experience are what makes us different from our competition.